The pilot test serves as a tool to examine the effectiveness of a questionnaire. Pilot testing can be viewed as a rehearsal of research survey. It priory test the survey on small scale of test participants before conducting the exact data collection process. The purpose is to test the appropriateness of the instructions to be measured to make sure the respondents are able to follow the direction as indicated. Moreover, the accurateness and ambiguity of the question were tested in order to make sure that the respondents understand and perceive the question in the same way. Besides, pilot testing allows researchers to obtain accurate information and to recruit for the total time taken for a particular survey to be completed in the real time.
There were total 30 sets of questionnaires has been issued through the online channel during the pilot testing. Respondents are required to give their own view on the question’s structure, complexity, and vagueness in the questionnaire. During the pilot test, simple and appropriate use of words and sentences, the easy understanding question must be considered to make sure the respondents able to understand the questionnaire well. After the collecting and analyzing the result from the pilot survey, positives feedbacks have been given by the respondent. Thus, the questionnaire is ready to be conducted among the actual target population.