The present world is a boundary less business world. Businesses all around the world conduct activities in their best suitable manner neglecting the distance. Today companies and marketers purchase goods from any part of the globe. Then these goods are sold to the consumers of that area or resold to any other country or company. In many instances the international marketers purchase these goods from other countries like Bangladesh, India etc. where these are produced better or at better rates. .
Most of the manufacturers and marketers in the world lack in these facilities and skills. The producers can produce the products in a convincing manner; but acquire minimum idea about how to make the products reach the ultimate customers. On the other hand, the marketers have the know-how of attracting ultimate customers to their offerings; without any knowledge of how to bring the products from the producers to their own warehouse which is a long distance both timely and geographically. But how do they manage the time and space gap between the supply, demand and production? Here comes the importance of integrated supply chain and logistics support organizations, like United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS).
The marketer comes in a contract with the manufacturers that it will purchase products from them, receiving the package through UPS. After production the consignment is handed over to UPS which makes all the arrangements and makes sure that the consignment reaches the marketer according to the contract.
As competition has been rising for the manufacturers and marketers all around the globe, it is evident that this competition has also made the trade of supply chain solution and freight forwarders equally competitive. This is because timely delivery is one of the major competitive factors of today’s business. Today UPS and its competitors like FedEx, DHL have been fighting head to head to deliver their best to support their clients. That’s why, to win over the industry UPS wants to make sure that the company and its ocean operation department carry out activities in the best possible manner to make it easier for to satisfy the clients.