The shadow of the Earth falls on the moon, and it disappears from the horizon. This is a lunar eclipse. Eclipses happen because celestial bodies constantly change their location. The Earth rotates around the Sun, and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Both these processes occur simultaneously. If for a few minutes the Moon, the Earth and the Sun are on the same line, the eclipse begins. A total solar eclipse is a very rare and dramatic event. During a total solar eclipse, one gets the impression that some huge monster loses the Sun after the piece. When the Sun disappears, the sky becomes dark and the stars are visible in the sky. The air is rapidly cooling down. Soon, from the sun, there is nothing left but a thin glowing ring, as if hanging in the sky, we see that part of the flaming solar corona.

The diameter of the Moon is only 1/400 of the diameter of the Sun, but it is so much closer to the Earth than the Sun that their diameters become approximately equal. This remarkable coincidence makes possible total solar eclipses, when the contour of the Moon completely coincides with the contour of the Sun. When the Sun began to appear again in the sky, the wall swept again, this time the wall of the shadow that was leaving. It swept over our hill and rushed east with inconceivable speed and in an instant disappeared beyond the horizon. She led us into confusion, just destroyed and disappeared. ” Flying at a speed of 1,600 kilometers per hour, the wall of the shadow made many spectators scream in horror.

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