The social media has become the foremost vital communication suggests that in recent times. However, social networking exist as to provide communication among people regardless of the distance, making it open to people easily sharing information, files and pictures and videos, create blogs and send messages, and conduct real-time conversations. These systems area unit named as social, simply because they allow communication with buddies and coworkers so easily and effectively. Additionally, it strengthens the ties between folks of these systems. The favorite within the realm of websites area unit are Facebook, Twitter and others. These websites and social forums area unit manner of communication directly with people socially and in media. They take part in an outsized and cogent role decision-making within the occasions from the worldwide world economically, politically, socially and educationally. The driving factors for adoption of social media area unit the increasingly present access, convenience, functionality, and flexibility of social technologies . Moreover, the use of technology in education has proven to be too invaluable and has created many opportunities for both a student and a teacher. Teachers have found innovative ways in which to integrate technology into a room and therefore the students area are additionally interested in learning through technology. The use of technology has also eliminated barriers and boundaries that existed before as students and teachers can collaborate with others from different geographical areas. It has additionally expedited long distance learning and has enabled academics to achieve students from completely different places of the globe. Many higher learning establishments have embraced technology and have created on-line virtual school rooms. However, there has been various overview and opinions which recognized the advantages and disadvantages of social media and gadgets use in higher education.

Firstly, the advantages of using Social media in the higher education is Social Media in this 21st century has became a familiar tools for the younger generation. Most of the students are already on the Social networking platform and this would be more convenient for them as well as the teachers to use this platform more a better learning skills. The platform of this social media also helps the students to enhance their communication level as they can communicate with their friends and other anytime and at anywhere, as it is not necessary to communicate face to face. Moving on, by using the Social media they can also send reminders, post about their assignments, notes and also organizing Group studies. Using the Social media this all can be done in a finger tips and being able to find information online is a skill that is now important in the workplace, one that can be taught through lessons designed around social media platforms. The Social Media can also be used as a media to share information. For example, the sites like “Facebook” can be used to create a class group and the students can share or drop any information needed among themselves. It would be much efficient rather than sending to every single person. As discussed above, the social media is easily accessible as now days everyone is walking around with their smartphones, so the usage on this Social media in higher learning among the students will be very comfortable and this also helps the groups of students who are very shy to engaged themselves within the rest. When group or other activities are held using the social media this would make it more fun. The social media also provides ample of information for the students as it also very common for the students to use the site” Google” to get informations. Provided there are the few advantages on using the social media for higher educations but it also depends on how the students uses the platform.

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Next, the disadvantages of using the social media in higher education among students are distractions. The usage of social media will be distractions for the students because when they open to download documents they might used the media for longer period doing inappropriate things which is also wasting time. Social media can also be limiting face-to-face communication, as if a balance is not maintained, then too much technological input can have a detrimental effect on social skills that students need to learn. Moving on, when social medias are used in class this can also leads that students will be using their gadgets in class without any controls and again as discussed above this can be a source distractions. They tend to be very dependent on the social medias instead of finding informations on the books. It can also be a source of inappropriate content sharing or exposure as it is important for the students to be protected from inappropriate contents, as it is necessary to monitor what are they doing with the social media. It is proven that many students will use the social media for a wrong reason. Social media’s can also be the possibilities of malware and virus infections, as Social networks are now a breeding ground for scam artists to lure both children and adults to exchange personal info or so as to realize access to a network. Educational institutions ought to remember of this risk and monitor their usage consequently.

The advantages of using a gadgets in higher education learning among the students are there is no boundaries as Technology makes it easier to learn online . Unlike traditional classrooms, online learning is flexible and students from different parts of the world can access the same content from anywhere without traveling long distances. The development of virtual technology helped students and teachers to communicate in real time from far – off geographical areas. The development of virtual technology helped students and teachers to communicate in real time from far – off geographical areas. Hence, Students can easily ask questions and receive answers from their teachers using tools such as Skype and other online video calling tools. Next, it allows access to resources. Technology helps students access open learning resources from the world’s top universities. These resources are published on a public platform and are freely accessible to anyone who has Internet access. Moreover, The use of technology gives students the impression that they control the information they consume. In addition, students are more comfortable learning via computers, because they can learn at their own pace than a conventional teacher who may not have the patience to teach a student who learns. Various digital platforms help students learn a variety of things more easily. For instance, one of the many topics that students may have difficulty learning is mathematics, but technology has made it a thing of the past with apps like BrainingCamp that make mathematics more fun.

Finally, there are disadvantages of using gadgets among students in higher educations because it is very clear that technology can be a biggest distractions in life. When technology is used in a classroom setting, it can be a distraction because the attention of students can be drawn away from what is taught and other things like playing games on a computer or an iPad. The technology can also be used for malpractice in classrooms as most of the content that students have accessed online has not been approved or verified. Anyone can post anything they have to say about the matter carelessly if it is correct or not. Students should check the information they find online before they take it. Students can also be withdrawn from the society, due to the obsession with technology. Whenever tasks are given in classes, teachers should ensure that some of them interact with students or interact with one another. Usage of technology also causes the increase rate to cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is an illegal activity in which, without their knowledge, young people in particular are trapped in illegal crimes. Young learners have easy access to countless accounts that tend to enter the dark harassment tunnel, which sometimes has an entrance but no exit. Hence, they lost in their darkness along with their bright future, which could have produced miraculous results if properly cultivated, but with cyberbullying everything is suddenly washed off. Since smartphones, laptops, desktops and tablets completely replaced the use of paper and pen, it is like finding a person with good handwriting in the haystack. All important documents are now entered and installed in the small folder icon on your laptop. For example, Experts say that people sacrifice their handwriting to adopt fast learning technology. The use of technology instead of writing slows the thinking process by lething your neurons.

In conclusion, as discussed above there are the pros and cons of gadgets usage and social media in higher learning among students. As we all know, it all depends on how the platform is being utilized. In order for the social media and the gadgets to serve the good purpose than students should not abuse the usage of this platform. As the question mention higher education , in my opinion I would say students hold a huge responsibilities in making sure to use the resources available in a good manner.