The statement is linking with that technology reliance makes our imaginative capability weak. But in the era of twenty first century we cannot even imagine our life without technology. Due to the advancement of technology lots of our work can easily be done and it is also time consuming, like by using calculator we can add, subtract, multiply and many other mathematical calculation can be done easily, I don’t think its abate our thinking capability moreover it is time saving for us and we can use our time with others constructive work.
With the upgrading with the technology long distance human being are not far away from each other. Wireless communication, satellite communication are the example of this. Long distance people can easily communicate with each other. By using automobile and air vehicles like plane, helicopter etc. distances are not matter anymore. Now Astronauts are going to the space and find different information about other planets. There are also some website like EBook( electronics book) which is called the online library, from this anyone around this world can get any kind of books they want, Wikipedia which is familiar as the online encyclopedia from where we can get any information easily. Which increase our knowledge and imaginative capabilities. There are some social website like facebook, twitter where people can get connected with each other and share their idea and views. The most effective website I think researchgate and googlescholar, where millions of researcher around the world are connected to each other and share their research ideas and its efficacy.
In contrast to the statement, we can see how technology is useful for us and it improves our imaginative power. Now medical science are improves a lot , lots of vaccines are invented like smallpox, hepatitis b and so one, which save thousands of lives, ECG,EEG machine are used for identify heart diseases. After all those wide range of technology advancement we cannot say that rely on technology can be pernicious. Technology spread out a new space to explode our knowledge thinking, imagination.