The topic of this meme is that some people cheats their girlfriends, boyfriends and life partners, but they do not think that is such a sin. The audiences are people who are in a relationship and my purpose is to send them an advices to them that please think deeply whether you love them or not. If you do, be faithful and honest; otherwise, do not cheat your partner and just break up before dating with other guy. I choose Myrtle Wilson because she cheats her husband to come with another man who also has a wife. Myrtle Wilson has to pay the price because of cheating by being in the prison that her husband created, crazy and painful to escape and, finally, getting killed by the inamorato’s wife. Myrtle Wilson is not a traditional woman like Daisy; she gets further the boundaries to get more enjoyments, but it is still unaccepptable as long as she does not divorce. Audiences seeing this meme might think that cheating is a sin that wastes time and strength to hide and they would never cheat, but sometimes in real life, in many complicated situations, they might still cheat for some benefits for themselves.