The webpage is not well organized the information is not categorized properly and the categories are not arranged in an orderly manner under topics and categories are listed in a chronological order. its anomalous to just mention one incident about a coal mine accident and then to just list it out with other things that fall under the categories such as race(Irish, African-American, Asian-American) where even such things are not even grouped.
When considering age , in the little minors category we see that the childhood of a minor gets spent up for the sake of earning a living for their families where the trend was such that the majority of their fathers were minors. Laws for child miners changed from yearly but still the ages ranged from about 11-14.child minors were further subdivided into Breakers who handled mined materials but were brutally treated like slaves ,spraggers who slowed down mining cars,nippers who guarded entry into mines,mule drivers who were more closer to miners, trippers who who with help of pulley enabled the conveyor belt to dump material.

When considering race, its categorized into Asian-American, African-American and Irish .this categorization is done in such a way where its related migration from their countries due to socio-economic factors and to booms in the mining industry .African Americans were mostly exploited during the civil war there was a large boom in the coal mining industry where a large number of companies hired blacks for mining. Most of the blacks moved to the south specially to west Virginia to earn enough money to live a life of civilized families and to earn citizenships
Irish had to flee their country as immigrants to America for better life success due to the economic fall down in Europe where food prices rose and quality of food fell down and because of this severe health issues rose. land lords had to evict peasants and help people to migrate so as to cut down losses. The migrating Irish seeked opportunities especially in north eastern Pennsylvania where the was a huge demand for coal miners. Things didn’t turn out to be good and there were low pay rates and high accidental rates . the miners tried to fight back the injustice and oppression by using violence. but there there was no voice to support these minors . improvements in mining standards and safety started.

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The Asian-American category was further subdivided but its incomplete since other Asian groups except Chinese were not detailed .The Chinese migrated to America following the opium war where the British destroyed some of the southern Chinese ports threatening to kill people in southern china. The Chinese found gold mining jobs in California and demanded cooks. laundry men and some of them also willingly agreed to do heavier work. But later as the gold reserve grew short in supply, the American miners conducted violence against them . the Chinese helped build railroads and tunnels. The Chinese population grew rapidly and attempts to stop this growth rate failed . one attempt by preventing them from bringing their families to California worked but when they were realized as allies against Japan, this was reconsidered to allow the Chinese to gain citizenship.

Canaries are a sub division of a category called air impurity detector and the subdivisions of this category is related to time and evolution of air impurity detectors. Miners first used rats to detect air spoilt with dust and coal , where they respond to the impure air with abnormal behavior. Little later canneries a form of birds became reliable detectors since their actions were more noticeable. Then as for safety , there was an evolution of oxygen tanks with the duration of them improving but majority of them were copper cylinders .by observing these facts we are able to just understand the utter importance of mining safety . powdered lime was used to reduce the amount of coal powder in polluted air in mining tunnels.

the emergency mine cars were built to recue people incase of injuries such as amputation of limbs accidentally , fire ,explosions , tunnel collapsing .there were both electrical and mechanical vehicals and they employed medical staff.

After all the information must be complete and be properly categorized if viewers are to see a clear picture about tragedies that miners during 20th century had to face . a proper understanding can only be constructed if all the nessasary information had been present