There are 3 types of research in marketing .They are exploratory, descriptive and causal. Exploratory research is the market research of data collection without specific structure and informal method. It is mainly used to collect preliminary data, so as to inspire the real nature of research questions, and may propose a number of assumptions or new ideas. It is often used to define problems, and can also be used for tracking surveys to find market opportunities.

While descriptive research is to describe and reflect the objective situation on the market and to find out the internal relations of various factors, that is to answer the questions “what is”. The characteristics of descriptive research is to find the answers to the questions through description. the survey of market potential demand, market share and market survey, marketing method, and marketing channel investigation, consumer behaviour survey and others. They are all of the descriptive surveys. Taking the consumer behaviour as an example, it is necessary to investigate the customers of the company’s products, the older or the young, the high income or the low income, when to buy, how to buy, and so on.through the investigation, we can describe the appearance of the market activity trufully. It can be seen that descriptive research is a very important part of market research and also for obtaining the market information.

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Lastly, the causality investigation is to investigate the causality between the various phenomena or problems in the market. The purpose is to find out the reasons and results of the problem, which is the “why” problem. The descriptive survey proposed the correlation of various factors. For example, the growth of the sales of a product is related to the advertising fee, the increase of the technical service fee and the increase of the consumer’s income. The causality investigation should find out which of these associations are “cause” and “why” which “cause” is the main and the “cause”, and the influence of each “cause”.What is the degree and so on.