There are many different sources and systems of support for professional development these include:
• Inductions: when a new member of staff starts within my workplace they are given an induction, they will shadow an experienced member of staff on each of our units for a week. This provides them with the skills and basis knowledge that they require and helps them to get used to the job role.
• Supervisions/appraisals – are effective ways of mentoring staff and ensuring that their mandatory training is up to date. They allow the member of staff to raise any issues they have and to set themselves goals and see what they can improve on within their job role. This helps staff to keep their knowledge and skills up to date as it highlights the areas that they need to improve on and can access extra support and training.
• Training courses – they help to expand and keep up to date individuals knowledge and skills and provide information on any legislation, guidelines, policies or procedures that affect their job role. Training allows you to take new information back to the workplace which can be shared with colleagues and management to help implement new working ideas.
• Daily handover – this allows staff members to pass on all information regarding care that has been provided during their shift and they can pass on ay knowledge or skills that they have found work well.
• As a duty manager I like to utilise members of staffs skills and knowledge, I try to find out what they are good at and push them so they can reach their maximum ability.