There are many reasons why Dirt Bikes are better then ATV’s. For example, there is an article on the internet that explains the death rate of both ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. And surprise! ATV’s have the higher death count. For instance one reason the death count of an ATV is so high is because of its weight and stability. Seeing that Dirt Bikes are more lightweight than the heavy machines, they would have less deaths. After an ATV rider crashes, the vehicle tends to flip over on the rider.

The reason Dirt Bikes cost less than ATV’s, is because the general size of the Dirt Bike is smaller in comparison to the ATV. Because the ATV engine is bigger, it would cost more. However, Others say that it is because of the body size in general of the ATV’s, that it should cost more. But the article that people have gotten sources from says you can get the same brand dirt bike cheaper than same brand ATV.

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Not only are Dirt Bikes fun to ride on, crash less, and cost less but they are easier to move as well. On average you can move at least three Dirt Bikes onto a single pickup truck. Meanwhile you can move only one ATV on the same truck. Dirt Bikes also weigh less, with this said, it in turn makes it safer. A Dirt Bike weighs two-hundred pounds, while an ATV weighs one-thousand pounds.

In conclusion Dirt Bikes are the more reliable, faster, cost efficient, and safer option. If you want an afternoon ride with the boys, or take a leisurely ride on the weekend then look no further to choose a Dirt Bike!