Thesis statement: I’m in favor of an amnesty because it would solve the problems of millions of people in this country, and it would help the economy grow.

Research Assignment
I don’t agree with most of the things said in this article as they are not totally true. After reading this article I interpreted that it was written to make people have a bad perspective towards immigrants. I don’t agree that legalizing immigrants would make welfare costs increase in a big way, because the majority of immigrants who come here are hardworking people who come to better themselves, not to be lazy and get free stuff. I also don’t agree with the author saying that it would make social programs increase dramatically, because most of the immigrants pay taxes right now and will continue to pay them and so they deserve the possibility of using them. I also don’t agree that immigrants should not get an amnesty because of a tiny percentage of them are criminals; because if one is to compare the statistic of crimes done by illegal immigrants and the ones done by U.S. citizens one would see that U.S. citizens have a much higher percentage.
David, Frum. “Five Reasons Obama Shouldn’t Declare Amnesty” The Atlantic November 17, 2014.
I agree with many things about this article as I can relate to them. I agree that amnesties are not viewed as the American way of doing things, because in this country everything is supposedly done legally. That is not true because amnesties happen all the time in this country as that’s the way the legal system works. At many times our judicial system forgives a criminal through an amnesty instead of convicting him which will have a negative effect on his life. I believe this same process should be offered to illegal immigrants whose only purpose is to have a better life in this country.
Amanda, Taub. ” The Word May Be Toxic, but Amnesty Is Everywhere” The New York Times October 11, 2017.

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In this article, there are several things that I do agree and disagree with. I strongly disagree where immigration is described as making US natives poorer because immigrants work for less money therefore bringing overall wages down. This is not true because nobody, referring to natives and citizens, are willing to do the type of jobs that immigrants do. I also strongly disagree where immigrants are pictured as receiving government assistance in greater amounts than natives or citizens. This is not necessarily true as there are many US born citizens that are lazy and do not want to work and depend on government aid. Also immigrants can’t qualify for many government programs. One thing I do agree on this article is where immigration can help America become wealthier through the creation of more taxpayers in the future.
George, J. Borjas. “Yes Immigration Hurts American Workers” Politico September/October, 2016.