Third Trimester, SY 2017 – 2018 PRACTICUM ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT Presented to DR. STEVE S. GUANSI Practicum Adviser In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics Submitted By HUSSAIN SAEED ASHOOR BH09500189 Second Trimester 2018 APPROVAL SHEET Approved by the Practicum Committee with a grade of ________ DR. STEVE S. GUANSI Practicum Adviser College of Administrative and Financial Sciences DR. MOHAMMED Faisal Practicum Trainer FINAL APPROVAL Accepted and Approved in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics DR. RANDOLF VON N. SALINDO Dean, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences STUDENTS ACTION FORM Student Trainee Hussain Saeed Student NumberBH09500189CourseBSBI SectionFX Training Institution Awal international Brokerage services Address Manama, Kingdom of BahrainDate FinishedAugust 1 , 2018 PRACTICUM COMMITTEE ACTION TAKEN MR. MOHAMMED FAISAL ________________ Practicum Trainer DR. STEVE S. GUANSI ________________ Practicum Adviser DR. RANDOLF VON N. SALINDO ________________ CAFS, Dean RECOMMENDATION FOR ON – THE – JOB TRAINING This On The – Job Training (OJT) prepared and submitted by HUSSAIN SAEED ASHOOR in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Informatics is hereby submitted to the Practicum Committee for consideration. DR. STEVE S. GUANSI Practicum Adviser ACKNOWLEDGMENT I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who helped me with this project. Special thanks to DR. STEVE S. GUANSI, who is truly a great mentor and an excellent source of guidance throughout the course. Nothing would have been possible if it wasnt for his continuous support and wisdom. I would also like to convey thanks to the administration and management of the company for facilitating the training and accepting me as an OJT student. Hussain Saeed BH09500189 Table of Contents PageTitle Page1Approval Sheet2Executive Summary3Recommendation for On The Job Training4Acknowledgment5CHAPTER 1 COMPANY BACKGROUND1.1 History81.2 Vision91.3 Mission91.4 Company Goals and Objective101.5 Services Offered101.6 Organization Structure111.7 Location Map12CHAPTER 2 NARRATION OF EXPERIENCE2.1 Practicum Orientation142.2 Practicum Objectives152.3 Training Benefits162.4 Scope of Work16 CHAPTER 3 EVALUATION OF PRACTICUM EXPERIENCES 3.1 Insights Gained from All Phases of Training143.2 Work Issues and Concerns153.3 Recommendation163.4 Conclusion16 Chapter 4 CHECKED DETAILED DAILY REPORTS 4.1 Narrative Report144.2 Pictorials15 APPENDICES Request Form for Endorsement Letter Application Letter Deans Endorsement Letter Work Based Learning Agreement Form Work Based Learning Plan Outline Acceptance Letter Completion Letter Performance Evaluation Form Competencies Evaluation Form WBL Accomplishment Report Attendance Report Business Card Company Profile Curriculum Vitae (CV) Plagiarism Report Photocopy of Exam Permits CD of Book Report CHAPTER 1 COMPANY BACKGROUND HISTORY Awal international is a specialized company since 2015. VISION preferred consulting and trading partner in the Middle East that best understands and satisfies international business collaboration. MISSION guide our client through the process of cross-cultural collaboration. Our mission is to be your reliable advisor, providing objective analysis of the market opportunities, supporting you in modification and implementation your solutions to local market needs company goals . SERVICES OFFERED Commodity brokerage help you understand local commodity market and facilitate your export/import business Marketing Consulting all range of marketing services from market research to analyse market opportunities, evaluate strategic factors to targeting, positioning and promotion. Regional business representation business representation for overseas manufacturers and suppliers, interested in establishing a business presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE SHAPE MERGEFORMAT LOCATION MAP CHAPTER 2 NARRATION OF EXPERIENCE 2.1 PRACTICUM ORIENTATION Practicum or Internship is a work – related experience for us in the fields of several profession, career and occupations of which we must realize and be trained with. This course is work related program and is a requirement for graduation. ORIENTATION BEFORE DEPLOYMENT Dr. Steve S. Guansi, the adviser of the course gathered all the practicum students for an orientation and briefing about the procedures, and guidelines of doing the internship and work – related experience. He then, introduced the following offices responsible in the OJT such as the Office of Placement and Linkage of the University, Office of the Dean of Students Affairs, the Deans Office and the Faculty In Charge. After which, he explained the relevance of taking OJT outside University as well as emphasized the following recognized companies where the University had tie up or linkages for training and development. Dr. Steve reiterated in his briefing that students should undergo training under a close supervision of a trainer and should meet the required number of training hours. He advised the interns to maintain a smooth working relation with the company and anyone in the company, be it an officer, a customer or an employee. He said, interns must observe the policy and should always be responsible. While interns represent the College and the University, interns should maintain to uphold the values that the University is promoting and inculcating in its students. The adviser was pessimistic to remind the practicum students to have their OJT with character and sincere performance in the companies where they will be fielded. At the progress of the orientation, the adviser discussed the following requirements to accomplish such as the forms, the narrative, the endorsement, the acceptance and the training certificates. Dr. Steve stated in his orientation to please observe maintain attendance, honesty at work, grooming, and motivation to learn plus the human and working relations that need to build up between the intern and the training officer. He also included in the briefing the deadlines and the submissions to take note on including the completion of the Practicum Book that will be submitted to the college for records and documentation. ORIENTATION AT THE WORK PLACE As a requirement and as a standard procedure in the work place, every intern has to undergo orientation and briefing by the immediate supervisor or training officer. This is purposely to orient the intern to his or her field of work, functions and work stations including the standards, policies and limitations in the company. During the first day of the internship, the training officer has introduced the undersigned intern to the officers and employees of the company. After which, followed the briefing of the task and functions as to how the work is to be done. The undersigned intern has to take note the procedures of work and has to familiarize the process so as to cope up with the standards set by the company. The undersigned intern then, was introduced about work stations that includes admin jobs, secretarial, correspondence, operations technical, IT computer related works, office, business and industrial tasks as the company operates in these work capacities. With great expectation to contribute in favor of the company, the undersigned intern was also expected to acquire new skills, develop competencies and enhance training and practical skills that are necessary and relevant to advancement and professional developments. 2.2 PRACTICUM OBJECTIVES At the end of the required duration of practicum and internship as a requirement of the course, the undersigned intern is expected to achieve the following objectives Basic competencies on literacy, aptitude, leadership skills, time management, inter personal skills, communication skills, teamwork and business correspondence. Academic skills dealing with technological advancement, creative thinking, problem solving, decision making, participatory skills, logic, creativity, independence, resourcefulness and values development. Knowledge and skills on basic administrative and office jobs dealing with typing, data encoding, filing, records management, secretarial functions, registration, information and clerical and other entry – level skills. Competencies on business related skills dealing with marketing, accounting, finance, sales management, HR, entrepreneurship, production and technical capacities. 2.3 TRAINING BENEFITS The work related experience has played a vital role in demonstrating the knowledge into practical capacities. The merits of practicum have benefited the undersigned intern to gain the following Computer literacy Business correspondence and records management Administrative and Office Expertise Operations and Technical Jobs Qualification Business – Related Skills (Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Sales and HR Management) Advancement to professional development Towards career prospect and career success 2.4 SCOPE OF WORK Computer and IT – Related Jobs (Typing, encoding and data functions) Office Information and admin assistance Operations and Technical Support Business Related Jobs CHAPTER 3 EVALUATION OF PRACTICUM EXPERIENCES 3.1 INSIGHT GAINED FROM ALL PHASES OF OJT As an OJT student, this work experience enabled me to build up skills such as teamwork, interpersonal skills and decision making. I learned how to communicate with different people of different nationalities and attitudes. I learned the ethics of work that one should be committed to whatever responsibility that maybe delegated upon by the training officer or the supervisor. I learned to become responsible and be industrious to any functions that the company may assign or direct to accomplish during a particular time. As an OJT student, I learned how to work in a team how to communicate with different people that have different culture and attitude how to practice and apply what I learned in the university and how to use different systems and application relevant to work in the company. As an intern, I learned how to be committed to the work that I do whatever the conditions are how to be always positive and leave this impact on people how to be alert, collaborative all the time and paying attention to every detail and the most accurate information being dealt with. I learned how to take and adjust to fluctuating pressures of work, and learned how to mingle with every employee or colleague in the work place. Also, I developed my skills in IT – Admin and business correspondence such as communications, writing, letters, typing and data job functions. Above all, I learned to become more independent and responsible at any functions that an employee has to accomplish as part of his or her duty. I learned to be professional and value driven player and that this made me ready to participate and join the working institutions in the near future. 3.2 WORK ISSUES AND CONCERNS Please put a yellow highlight on the blank for the situations or issues and concerns that you observed/encountered or perceived while having the work related practicum or OJT and which you believe can better OJT in the future work – related experience. _______ Management/leadership style of the trainer _______ Timing and schedules _______ Accessibility to workplace _______ Communications and interpersonal relations _______ Systems/procedures and work flows _______ Work standards and policies _______ Motivational fuse and work organization _______ Department morale and professional ethics _______ Family and socio economic problems _______ Others, please specify below 3.3 RECOMMENDATION Problems that I encountered during my training When the system failed I need to wait for the technical to come and solve it around 3 to 5 hours which waste my time. Sometimes I did not understand the clients need for some situation like when they signed the contract the put some complicated requirement. At the begging I had a conflict to deal with clients and with the people because everyone have different attitude. 3.4 CONCLUSION At the end of the training, I have a good training experience and I have learned many things. I again the experience of how to finance the accounting information and records, how to deal with customers. and how to solve the problems. I learned about how to use the software of the company, plus stationers things Fax, scanners, photo copy and many important things about the company. The training for me gives me many things about my future life in working are. CHAPTER 4 CHECKED DETAILED DAILY REPORTS 4.1 Narrative Report Mar 6, 2018/Tusday The manager has assigned me to be with the Human Resource Officer for filing functions. I was tasked to do sorting of papers and photocopying of documents for organization in the 201 files of employees. The HR Officer also asked me to help the administrative secretary in typing documents needed by the Office of the Director. I was also assigned to be in the Information Desk as customer attendant. Mar 7, 2018 Read Sources of documents for examples Background about company, Cleaning services, Cleaning Products and answer of telephones call from customers. They learning me how to issue checks and bills. Mar 8, 2018 They teach me how to prepare salary slip for employees how to add the over time. Mar 9, 2018 Get training about Product in the company get involved in the cleaning strategy of the company. Mar 10, 2018 I learned how to use the machine. Mar 12, 2018 Keeps files in the shelves. Mar13, 2018 Daily accomplishments and activities. Mar 14, 2018 I take all transaction from company go to banks to finish deposit and drawing transactions. Mar 15, 2018 Contact expiated customer to avail our service. Mar 16, 2018 Take deals from the customer about service provided and agree with them about price, date, time of cleaning and location. Mar 17, 2018 Go to the customer and make contracts and input them again in the system. Mar 18, 2018 Create quotations for the customer and contracts for their signature purpose. Mar 19, 2018 Prepare purchase invoices. Mar 20, 2018 Prepare analysis report of sales for the company with charts and diagrams and submitted to the management. Mar 21, 2018 Enter data in system of purchasing system of sales. Mar 22, 2018 Prepare purchase invoices. Mar 23, 2018 Enter data in system of purchasing system of sales. Mar 24, 2018 Daily accomplishments and activities. Mar 25, 2018 Prepare analysis report of sales for the company with charts and diagrams and submitted to the management. Mar 26, 2018 Enter data in system of purchasing system of sales. Mar 27, 2018 Compare all data enter in system during my work with the actual documents/ contracts. 4.2 Pictorials PAGE 1 PAGE MERGEFORMAT 20 Chairmen Saeed Ashoor Director plan Muhammad naeem Head of engineering team Jams Park Consultation Marena S.S College of Administrative and Financial Sciences . 7 ,01–,010(.(((
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