This conference on Human Environment contributed to the formation of the United Nations Environment Programme i.e. UNEP. This organisation became the first to be situated outside of the standard Europe and North America area. The United Nations Environment Programme was designated with its first task to establish and encourage ‘Environmental education’. Hence the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation i.e. Unesco and UNEP worked together and organised the first international workshop based on Environmental Education which was held in Belgrade. Which was situated in Yugoslavia of 1975. Thus, leading to the first inter-governmental ‘Conference of Environmental Education’. This conference commenced in 1977 in the USSR in Tbilisi. Through this conference, it brought upon the 12 principals. These 12 principals are commonly well known as the “Tbilisi Principals” of Environmental Education. These principals provided a better understanding as well as a guideline for the practice of Environmental Education on a world scale.