This passage signifies an important shift in Janie’s marriage with Joe. She finally realizes that Joe is no longer the one for her. As a result she becomes more distant and loses her dream again. Janie transforms through this passage by nature imagery used by Hurston to describe a marriage falling apart. Hurston starts showing Janie’s feelings by comparing her to a flower by saying ” She wasn’t petal-open anymore with him”(71). The phrase “petal-open” references the pear tree and a metaphor of innocence. Hurston is using nature imagery to describe Janie’s emotions towards Joe because she is no longer his flower with her petals open to tell him everything after Joe’s violence towards her. Hurston used of nature imagery gives us an idea of how Janie starts to realize that her dream is shattered. Hurston starts to describe that ” she had no more blossomy openings dusting pollen over her man, neither any glistening young fruit where the petals used to be”(72). Hurston used imagery of a relationship between a bee and a blossom and it shows that Janie’s and Joe’s relationship is nothing compared to that. It shows how there’s no more feelings Janie can have towards Joe. This is how Hurston uses great nature imagery to show that there relationship is really over.