This response paper is about an extract from the novel “Darkness Visible” written by William Golding. William Golding was an English novelist, playwright and poet. The novel has a gloomy atmosphere. In this extract. We have Matty as the protagonist. He survived from bombing of London in World War II and found himself in the Foundlings School at Greenfield, where he met his teacher Mr. Pedigree.

In my judgement this book reflects humans sick nature and Mr. Pedigree is the sick one. Firstly, he is a pedophile. We can understand this from clues in the text, it is not given directly. Let’s look the sentence “This was probably true except in the case of the boy with whom Mr. Pedigree had his “spiritual relationship”. That sentence is one of the clues. Secondly, he had a sinful past. In one sentence it is mentioned that the Second World War disinfected Mr. Pedigree’s past. If something is not dirty it is not necessary to disinfect it. Thirdly, his “spiritual relationship” can severely damage a child’s psychology although headmaster thinks he could do little harm.

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