This study uses different types of charcoal in cooking food and compare which charcoal emits most heat and to find out which charcoal cooks the food at short time. The researchers secured all the materials needed just to compare which among the charcoals emits most heat and cooks rice at an earliest time. Two hundred fifty grams of water was measured and added this to 250 grams of rice same amounts were prepared until three setups of the same amounts of rice were cooked in a similar kettle using different types of charcoal.
The researchers measured the amount of heat using improvised calorimeter in each setup and were able to find out that set up with paper charcoal as the source of energy cooked the rice at an earliest time and registered the greatest amount of heat emitted. The result showed that paper charcoal easily cooked the 250 grams of rice in a 250 ml of water, with the result we can positively say that paper charcoal making is an answer to forest denudation wherein trees were cut illegally for firewood and charcoal making, though we cannot stop this but we can minimize cutting of trees for we can recycle papers in our school for charcoal making. Papers in school are available and with the number of school in Guihulngan more paper charcoals can be produced and more income out of this paper charcoal are expected
The researchers concluded that paper charcoal emits most heat and least time in cooking