Though it is very hard to define what education really is, It involves developing skills, understanding values and habits, and acquisition of knowledge. Education is not only needed to understand the external world but it also needed to build and shape our personalities. University education is one of the most influential type of education one can have because most of the times it is the main factor of deciding carrier path, and hence life. It has been long debated whether undergraduates should be directed to study only one subject area deeply or they should be given a more of balanced education that gives a good insight on a particular field while giving a reasonable knowledge on other areas as well.
The given statement provides an extreme solution to the problem. it suggests to make learning extra subjects compulsory. While it is true that learning many subjects beyond the main field of study, making subjects compulsory would be a bad move. The Main point of forcing students to take subjects out of their field are is to make them more balanced so that they can improve the necessary skills to keep their mind peaceful while maintaining good social relationships. However, it is fallacious to assume that if someone is concerning only about one particular field, his other skills would deteriorated.
Most of the time, many scientific, social, economic or any other discoveries were made by people who pinpointed all their energy in to one target. For instance, when solving Farmat’s Last Theorem, a centuries-old mathematical problem, mathematician Andrew Wiles spent his life in isolation for years; only talking with his wife. Even though this incident is not directly related to the university education, the point is that the necessity of the balanced life does not have to be a universal requirement. When people achieve great things, they should be given all the freedom. Similarly, deep study on a particular field should not be compromised by the idea of balanced education.
The very method that intended to improve the balance may backfire in some instances. For instances, Albert Einstein was considered a capable student at his university. However, his grades were low because he only liked mathematics related, theory-oriented subjects. However, according to the curriculum, he had to follow many subjects that he didn’t like. This caused Einstein’s results to drop in his under-graduate life ultimately losing the Ph.D. opportunity at University of Bonn
As a concluding remark, it is safe to state that while studying subjects out from the main field of study may have positive effects, making the extra subjects compulsory may cause negative effects rather than the positive effects.