Though, an effect hatched by the ingenuity of what Jobs had successfully conjured within his speeches by humor, humility etc, an unthread of his philosophy facing all sorts of life challenges was much in essence his purpose right on the point as a lesson anyone can benefit in life. James Kirk once said, “The more complex the mind, the greater simplicity of the play.”Jobs simply hinges on three stories from his life to come as a solid for his preaching. The theme of the speech accompanied by Jobs rhetoric features reaches out with its connection to the audience on a deeper level, truly inspiring yet the thought-compelling very much indeed. Either the ideation of his philosophy towards life he structured in speeches or in these lines what underlies the theme in addition to its connotation is much more worth a read. The present paper situates its focus on the body of his three life stories told by Steve Jobs and the use of his persuasive strategies along with the speech that somehow be comprehensible to all of us.