Throughout human history, there has been a continuing battle against starvation. In today’s society multiple citizens, do not have enough money to feed their own families. Therefore, I think the government should help people who are struggling with starvation. One in every ten homes faces starvation. We can resolve this problem by providing people with food stamps, and if that doesn’t work, we can have food donations in every food market. if people donate food, they can have fifty dollars off on the next groceries.
This is the job of government to help people in need. So, I recommend the government should, force people to donate food or clothing to the people who are struggling and who really need it. We need to make this a law If people don’t contribute anything to society. You will not get your income tax back, and every two months that you don’t donate you will get penalized and deduct dollars and that money will go to a program to help anybody in need.


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