Traditional education system has benefited many students over the years. It is a fact that traditional education is the best mode of education but it also has some drawbacks which can be eliminated with proper planning and implementation on some policies.
It is an active mode of learning. Students learn quickly in the classroom and actively take part in the classroom activities. They help other students in study related matters; ask questions from teachers if they have any problem in studies. Active participation is very essential for having clear understanding of the theories discussed in the classroom. It maintains a good communication between students and teachers. This is very essential for boosting up the confidence level of students.
A good communication makes students good communicators and teachers also feel competent after getting feedback from students. The regular recreational activities refresh students and they get some relief from the stress of studies. They enjoy and have fun due to these recreational activities. These activities are useful besides studies. The best part of traditional education is that it is scheduled and is properly carried out. The timetable and duration of lectures are all scheduled. This helps in making students disciplined and civilized. But as every coin has two sides there are few disadvantages of traditional type of education system. As students are always dependent on their teachers in every study related matter. This trait suppresses the creative side of their personality and they never get to know their strengths. Sometimes teachers show favoritism, which destroys the personalities of the left out students. They feel incompetent and worth less. This attitude develops inferior feelings in other students. The teachers must treat all the students equally.
As we all know that today’s most of the students are dependent on tuitions even after attending school lectures. A lack of time among parents, the pressure of school activities and increasing competition to do well in exams has led to the mushrooming of tuition centres in the city. A number of students are engaged in various co-curricular activities in school, making it difficult for them to concentrate on studies. Students and their parents believe that lessons imparted in school are not enough for academic success.Some students are unable to catch up in school. As a tuition is smaller as compared to school so tuition teacher is able to give individual attention.
In my opinion, after-school tuition are a handicap, or put it more appropriately, an addiction for students. Once a child develops the habit of getting spoon fed by tuition teachers, his intellectual abilities begin to decline. He no longer strives to find solutions to the problems he faces in his studies, but instead looks towards the aid he expects to receive in the evening from the academy.This is the worst form of spoon-feeding one can imagine and those falling for such taglines are committing intellectual suicide. It is through the practice of extraction of relevant materials and other such intermediary activities that actual learning takes place.Until a student realizes that there is no option other than studying, striving and working hard on their own, they will never think that the struggle is worthy and will always take the easier way out. Working hard and seeing the results can change a person’s approach towards life. This system of tuition is effecting students mind as well as it’s reducing the confidence of a students from schools and colleges and most impotantly from himself.