Under Mustafa Kemal Pasha, the Turks look unhappy because of the loss of territories against Greece under the Sèvres Treaty. The Turks drove back the Greeks from Smyrna by force in August 1922 and forced to cross the Dardanelles. British worried about security of safe zone, and they also feared for the security of the Straits. Lloyd George, the prime minister of the period, tried to strengthen British troops in Chanak in order to prevent the Turks’ attacks. Moreover, by doing all these, the British thought that Dardanelles as a place that is going to earn them a reputation around the world with their victory. However, they could not find what they expected because it was diffucult to broke the defenses of the Çanakkale. In the other words, All these attempts caused the occupying forces to have big problems through the straits because the Turks had laid many mines to block off the British troops. One more time, we can say that Çanakkale is impassable.