Unit: 2 Equality, Diversity and Rights
Task 2 – P2/P3
P2-Discriminatory practice means discriminating someone for someone’s culture, disabilities, age, social class, gender, sexuality, cognitive ability, health status, and family status.

The different types of discriminatory practice are:
Infringement of rights- not allowing someone to exercise rights they are entitled of.
Covert or overt- covert discrimination means hidden discrimination, where nobody can see and overt discrimination is the opposite of covert, that means discriminating in front of everyone making them feel bad.
Abuse of power- misuse of power by one person over another person.

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Prejudice- making an assumption about someone at first impression, before getting information about them.

Stereotyping- when a person or society make judgment on a specific category or when they put someone in a category, we can also say that they overgeneralise and because of this, we lose individuality.

Labelling- giving someone a negative name.

Bullying- abusing someone physically or psychologically because of a person’s differences.
Abuse- when a person (abuser) physically and emotionally harm someone.

Racism- treating people unfairly because of their colour.

Sexism- treating unequally cause of their gender.

Homophobia- prejudice against homosexual people.

P3-The effects of these discriminatory practice are:
Marginalisation- is when people isolated themselves and put themselves apart.

Disempowerment- means being underprivileged of power and people put them down.

Low self-esteem and self-identity- means not having enough confidence which lead to negative self-identity.

Restricted opportunities- is when someone doesn’t receive the same opportunity as others.

Negative behaviours- are for example: aggression or criminality against abusers.

I want to analyse the materials “Panorama- stolen childhood: The grooming scandal” and ” Rotherham grooming scandal”. The video showed how guys were dressing smartly and driving expensive cars to groom girls and what were the effects of grooming.

At the beginning they say, ” Asian thought that white girls were trash” which tells us an example of labelling. The police were also labelling the girls as ” naughty” or “liars”. Emma’s reaction to this labelling was aggression. Girls were raped, abducted (marginalisation) and looked up by men breaking the girls’ right of freedom. For marginalisation Emma, the 12 years old girl who was sexually assaulted, said after she was sexually exploited she started to “keep secrets from her parents” which means she was isolating herself from her family, she wasn’t telling them the truth.
Examples of disempowerments are when Lindsay said: ” I had to sleep to whoever” and ” adults were controlling me” indicating that she was powerless, she couldn’t say no, she didn’t have the right of liberty or freedom of thought. If girls said no, they were physically abused like: punching, kicking or murder, as the one of the girls said the abuser threated them saying: “if you resist I am going punch you harder”.
One of the common affects of sexual abuse is unwanted pregnancy that was against the law because an adult couldn’t have sex with a girl/boy under the age of 18.
Self- esteem was a big effect that eventually can lead to depression and Emma told us how the abusers threated her telling her that she was a trash: ” I was seen as a trash”.

In the 1990, people labelled grooming as child prostitution, pointing out that it’s the child’s fault and they enjoyed sex, which is an example of a prejudice by men about women.
In the first video, the police were sexist and they didn’t do anything besides making assumption about girls. The police couldn’t help the girls when the abusers punished them for saying the truth. The girls went to the police with the hope to get help but instead they made her feel guilty, in fact Emma agrees with this saying:” they try to make me ashamed and like it’s my fault” which decreased Emma’s self esteem and damaged her psychologically. The police’s attitude is men prejudice which is discrimination.

One of the reasons police couldn’t investigate it’s the ethnicity problems because the society might get aggressive for the fact that only Asian men where suspected. The council didn’t want to make it a big deal so they never tried to fix this problem until 2015.

Sarah’s mother said that her daughter (11 years old) was sexually exploited and when she desperately tried to call the police, her abuser (17 years old guy) murdered her.
Thanks to the Safeguarding Act 2015 grooming has been an offense before 2015, the police didn’t say anything..