Wars, blood, terrorism, famines, crimes, racism and oppression everywhere

Oh, if we were to live in a virtuous world devoid of evils, would not we?

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Is this what you wish?

What if there really is a place as you wish? Free from war, blood, racism and injustice?

A world above the ideal world without dangers or natural disasters without disease without racial discrimination?

beautiful is not it?

If you let me accompany you on a trip in “The Giver” or “The Donor”

“The Giver” is an American social science fiction film directed by Philip Noyce and written by Michael Mitnick and Robert B. Wade, inspired by the novel of the same name by Louis Laurie starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thuites, Alexander Skarsgaard, Odeh Rush, Cameron Monaghan, and Kitty Holmes)

{If you do not see the movie do not complete reading}

After the disaster came to an end in the world, people called “adults” decided to establish a new society headed by the “president of adults” or so they call them

Everything there is controlled by adults

They have erased all memories and sensations, so there is no love, no jealousy, no preference, no marriage

They set up a set of laws to organize their actions (use precise language, wear clothes for you, take your morning meal, stick to curfew and never lie)

They were watching them carefully so that no defect would happen to them, perhaps bringing them back to the previous disaster

They were watching everything all the time, everything!

There, in their ideal society, they have created a generation like an idiot

The adults are the ones who choose where the child goes after birth

Wayne works after graduating

No opinion of him and no choice

The world is free of differences that cause racism and war

There are no religions, no races and no colors !!

Everything became white and black

A healthy, harmonious, routine world where nothing is black and white

Gene scientists are the ones who create embryos and choose the mother to incubate the fetus to put it and after placing and depositing for a period inside the hospital are distributed children to families according to the standards of their community, you do not have your first name

All families do not have any real genes or links to them!

All this is done at a big annual ceremony presided over by the “president of the adults”, who does all this

At the same ceremony, the graduates will choose the work that will be conducted by the graduates based on their observation since childhood and choose what suits them based on the needs of the community

Older people are also demobilized into what they call the other place. What is the other place?

In this ceremony all the jobs were allocated to the graduates except for Jonas

Jonas has a special work done by not one person every few years

He is the holder of memories or recipients of memories

The adults did not accept to get rid of all those memories because they need them in their decisions also without memories! They need a wise person who comes back to him so that they will not make mistakes by mistake.

Jonas begins to go to the donor (former memory holder) to receive memory training

Pre-ideal memories of pre-colorless

Jonas is exempt from some of their basic rules

He has the right to lie and is allowed to ask what he wants and get rid of all his injection except the daily injections and prevents him to discuss what he sees and training him with others

Al-Muti begins by conveying happy memories to Jonas as music, variations of the weather and also dancing and touching

The colors begin to appear red and green. To see all the colors

Jonas asks why people abandoned this joyful happy life to the gray life they lived in?

The donor tells him that everything has its consequences

So they do not have a diversity in weather or color

And that the drugs that are dealt with every morning are only things that prevent the real deep feelings of entry to them

But the other things you feel are only transient feelings that do not affect them so they do not feel love!

And tells him that the holder of memories if he could cross the “limits of memories” is the barrier built by adults

The memories will return to everyone.

After Jonas felt he decided not to take him to the morning to try out new feelings

His father decides to take care of one of the children, who has not decided to be discharged to another place because of his unstable health and the overwhelming majority

This child is named “Gabriel” Jonas sees his mark on the hand of the child is similar to the mark on his hand and by the donor also knows that this child will become the holder of new memories when he grows up

Jonas begins to love this baby after he stops his doses of injection and gives the child some of the happy memories he carries

Jonas begins to love his girlfriend Fiona and tries to be seen by the world and make her feel

He is asked to stop her morning meal for only one day

She feels different and begins to love Jonas

When Jonas goes to the donor, he accidentally receives a bad memory of a war

Jonas faints and gives up his mission

Gabriel was then told that he would be discharged to the other place because he was not healthy.

And the other place is the word of the best in adults for the meaning of murder, their idealism and similarity depend on the killing of all those born differently. This is the price of idealism

Jonas did not accept the absence of human feelings, nor give up the distant future, he wanted to preserve memories and history decides to take Gabriel and escape with him to transcend the limits of memories assisted by the donor and Fiona and his friend Asher

He will strengthen his happy memories and give Gabriel some of them until they reach the limits of memories

On the other hand, the head of the adult Fiona punished for her efforts to release Jonas and kill her

Jonas and Gabriel go through the boundaries of memories before they kill Fiona, so all memories and colors come back to humans

Jonas says at the end that he will return to them and he wished he had been with them when the memories came back to them.

“There is no real end. The end is where you stop in the story ”

Now is that what you wish?

If it’s up to you, would you prefer this perfect life with color, feelings and differences?

Or do we prefer our life with its pains and hopes?