We all know that cheating is an immoral act but let us be honest, we did it at least once in our lives. But the question is, what made us do it? What do we get from it? Cheating can be done in different ways, but why is it commonly done by students in school?

In my opinion, students mainly cheat because of their fear of failing. Failing is a result of not having proper time management or materials to study. Some students encounter problems with managing their time which is important to understand each and every topic. Lack of time management leads to procrastination which causes desperation to cheat. There are also some caused by pressure, especially if the stakes are high and we are not doing well in the subject and in dire need of extra points. In some cases, we are pressured to exceed beyond our family’s expectations or we are simply competing with someone in class.

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Another is students might blame their cheating behavior on unfair tests. There are moments where we feel fully prepared and had some expectations in mind on what the exam will be, but as soon as we see the exam and realized everything is different from what we have practiced, and our minds just suddenly turn blank right at the moment. That is the worst scenario a student can ever experience.