What was the gilded age? The gilded age was a time period in the 19th century after the civil war. Gilded meaning when a non-valuable object is covered in a thin layer of gold to seem more valuable this name was soon later given to describe the time of century between 1870 and 1900s after Mark Twain released a book called “The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today” which describe how that period in time was Beautiful on the outside but underneath was a very ugly corrupt society. However, the time was also called a time of reform meaning they were wanting to eliminate corruption in the business areas and the government.
What were the characteristics of the gilded age? The characteristics of the gilded age include urbanization which a large impact on the gilded age with immigration, improvement in education and acknowledging its importance and technology advancing. Immigration brought almost 19 million immigrants to this era in time and they were able to make a living because of all of the new industries needing many labor workers. Individualism which was when individuals believed that their interests of the individual are of the greatest importance’ ( https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/individualism). and didn’t want the society to interfere with them and finally, Technology advances which improved when America had started to move from their farming systems and ways to a more industrial system this was due to several things impacting the time period that being machinery was improving as well as businesses. Many things were created during this time period ” A national transportation and communication network was created, the corporation became the dominant form of business organization, and a managerial revolution transformed business operations” ( Overview of the Gilded Age Digital History ID 2916 ) during this new ideas were also introduced like sports which include basketball, bicycling and football and new transportation ways like introducing trolleys.
What positive and negative social characteristics do you feel best to define this period of American history? The positive and negative social characteristics I feel best to define this period time are the urbanization because that had such an impact on the time period because of all that came with it from immigration to education becoming important. The art I feel also defined the period because of the types of art and the artist that came out. The art showed what Gilded was and why the 19th century got the name, the art showed the period in time as a beautiful time and the lives of the rich and the luxuries that came from what it did not show where the reality of the century that not everything was golden. However, it was not until later that artists started to paint reality. Many artists started to believe that is was right to only paint realistically an example is George Wesley Bellows and Daniel Chester French, they believed in a type of art called realism.
I feel like those helped define the 19th century and made it the Gilded Age.