When people hear the word “war” for most people the first thing that comes to mind is “firearms, bombs and killing people” but for many veterans who have been part of one they have a different definition in their head. For many veteran’s war means hell, which according to the oxford definition it means “a situation, experience, or place of great suffering”. Many of those warriors who fought during War World II brought back home the battlefield, and those combat experiences that makes them act in illegal ways to deal with the post-traumatic stress they have suffer while in the front lines. Many people classified our veterans as criminals when they break the law or commit a crime and believe they should be locked up in jail just like a criminal would be. But for many of those veterans who break the law they do it unconsciously in their need to cope with the stress of their military service. If this is one-way war affects our American born veterans, how does it affect those service men who have joined the military with an “illegal” immigration status and were promised a better life or even better, citizenship once they would return home to a society that sees them as aliens. The American G.I. Forum was originally created to give Latino veterans equal rights but over the years has become a fight for all Latino’s not just veterans. There are many inequalities that Latino veterans had to face post WWII. The goal of the American G.I. forum was to focus on Latino veteran’s inequalities, education, and civil rights.