While women’s rights and opportunities were limited, their role has changed throughout history. Even though women were treated unfairly, they have much more to offer to the world. They have more opportunities that were not provided in the past that are provided now. Women are closer to being as equal with men today than in the past. Today gender roles have shifted. Women’s struggle for equal opportunities have had a positive effect on feminism on the social look of women’s roles. Women are no longer stay at home moms. Now women have gained gender equality and gained a position in the work force. Their roles in society have completely changed, both genders are seen as equal today.

A women’s role and equality

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After all, people are focusing on the issue of women inequality and are trying to resolve it. According to the text from “Women, culture, society “it states that sixteen women anthropologists have analyzed the place of women in society. They want to help us understand the change in quality of women’s lives. The anthropologists recognize the values associated with the sexes, although men and women have different roles. According to the anthropologists a woman’s position has raised a number of important questions. They seek to understand and try to change the women’s position in society. All human social life will hopefully be improved when women’s lives and interests are equal with men. Women had an important role in society, they were expected to be caregivers, have and raise children, and do household duties such as cleaning and cooking for the family. Basically, that was a women’s typical role, men were always seen as being way above women. Men were the breadwinners. Women have the most important role: “Women lactate and bear children, and this fact has important consequences for human social life ” ( Rosaldo 4 ). A woman makes a family, family