Who choose our gender roles? We should ask ourselves first about our gender and who chose it for us to get understand more about our life. most of us have been thinking of the roles we have now. When people talk about gender role, most of them don’t even know what gender role is and, they get confused as they think it is the same as sex. In fact, sex is a very different statues than gender role, each of them has its own properties that one should know about. However, sex is a statue that a person got from god and its unchangeable you either born as male or female there is not any other options, but gender is influenced by society, culture, history, education, and so on. We can learn Gender roles within several stages that categorized by ages, adolescence is the most important period of a person’s age it begins from age 10 to 19 at this stage the behavior of the person changes, as well as the physical appearance. for instance, shape, size of the body, attitude, and jobs also can be changed during that time. Despite those factors there are many other factors that have huge impacts on gender roles. For example, biologically factors as hormone, Social, and Environmental factors.
Firstly, as I mentioned there are only two kinds of sex organs that human being can have biologically, either you be born as male or female and this is a fact that can’t be changed. male and female differ from each other in several thing, for example female’s body shape is different from men and this will make them physically be different from each other. “Biological factors have a huge role in shaping children’s physical development. For instance, boys and girls are born with unique sexual organs, and this become further differentiated when secondary sexual characteristics emerge upon puberty. Naturally occurring chemical messenger compounds in the body known as hormones are responsible for coordinating the appearance of these physical differences. Some researchers suggest that the same sex hormones that enable sexual organ differentiation in utero and which later trigger puberty also play an important role in shaping gender identity. Boys tend to have more androgens (male sex hormones) than girls. ” said ANGELA OSWALT, MSW JUN 9, 2010.
Moreover, Angela has cleared almost every point that hormones and biologically side effect the gender role. As she said hormone has a huge impact on being or act as female or male. There is a biology argument that suggests we are predetermined to behave in sex appropriate fashion. For example, Musculature women are physically weaker than men, brain function – women are more verbal, where men are more oriented to actions. These biological differences give males and females slight differences in motivation. (Werbach, G.B., Grotevant, H.D., & Cooper, C.R. ,1992)
in addition, the second factor that has impact on gender role is environment. What we mean by environment is society, the standard of living, the culture that the society has, and even food. Different studies have demonstrated that kid’s childhood and social circumstances additionally impact developing their sexual orientation personalities. Briefly, children’s interest, preferences, behaviors, and expressing their demand are strongly influenced by their parents, people around them, and authority figure teachings regarding sexual stereotypes. This will happen usually in early portion at age of middle childhood when kids are not fully grown up or not adults yet. children have been taught that certain activities, exercises, and traits are suitable or improper for them to act and deal with. Since they are girls, they cannot do that particular job or because they are boys, they are not allowed to dress up in a specific way. These ideas will affect them in later life. For example, females who are told that men are intrinsically perfect at driving even that many of them don’t like it, but still they think they have to be good at it since they have been told that.in contrast, there are men who have been told that they cannot do good at cooking since society choose female over males in cooking. These ideas and concepts of choosing hobbies for each have been very common among history. Majority of people become aware of their sex organs beginning of age two and can identify another person’s organ. Usually at that stage kids are following their identical parent for instance girls are willing to do what their mothers do and she became their idol, in other hand, boys are more connected to their fathers and they try to mimic them in anything he does in order to be like him. This is going back to the fact that girls are staying at home with their mom, and boys going out with their fathers to work or any activities that they have in daily life. Furthermore, that kind of living is still common in many societies but in a different way. Nowadays people have more freedom of speech and can communicate through technology to share their thoughts with others in a better way. We can notice that today men are more acceptable to show their “feminine side” as well as women are free to show their “masculine traits” so, it is more welcomed now to changing roles between female and males “In the past people tend to have very clear ideas about what was appropriate to each sex and anyone behaving differently was regarded as deviant”. (Saul McLeod published 2014). That can be named as evolutionary approach. “The evolutionary approach argues that gender role division appears as an adaptation to the challenges faced by the ancestral humans in the EEA (the environment of evolutionary adaptation). They tend to occupy different social roles. To support the evolutionary perspective, the division of labor was shown to be an advantage. 10,000 years ago, there was division of labor between males and females. Men were the hunter gathers, breadwinners, while the mother was at home and looking after the children. Although, the women could contribute to the important business of growing food. (Money, J., ; Ehrhardt, A. A. ,1972). For instance, time is different now than before, when I was growing up, I was living in small town at that time I could rarely see women having their own jobs outside homes and freely going out for any propose they might need. the only jobs they had was very basic which was teaching at girl’s schools not even in universities just it was in primary, and secondary schools. However nowadays we can see many women who are depending on themselves for their needs by having their stores, jobs, business, and the number of business women are increasing day by day which we can name this as an evolutionary and improving in societies.