Why food prices are rising?
Factors of production
OXFAM Canada 2018

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Injustice and poverty. Their mission is promoting the rights of women.
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In this abstract I’m going to talk about why food prices are rising day by day and factor affecting its production. I choose two different articles from two different sources. First is, OXFAM Canada and the other one is KALLYAS Theme. If I talk about Oxfam Canada, here is the reason why the prices of food are rising. In this era, everyone knows the cost of food items, people are very aware of what they want according to their need. Nowadays people hunger is increasing day by day. So, they spend their more money on food items. So, that’s the reason why food prices are rising. Oxfam.The another source KALLYAS Theme talks about the factors of production. There are many factors that affect the food production for ex global shortage of food, environment factor. Different types of food vary from different countries but it depends on environment factor (natural factor, cultural factor). So, these can cause food shortage. KALLYAS Theme.In upcoming paragraphs I’m going to relate both these article with two different concepts.
Concept- 1
Factor influencing pricing strategies:
When food is grown on large scale in farm it requires lot of fuel because the is harvested by with different kind of machines and machines are run by tractors that will require fuel to run tractor, So it means producers spend money on mechanical things on which they try make profit out of what they growingOxfam. So that’s the first factor which influence the pricing strategy of food. The another factor is sometime the situation comes when everything get totally bursts for example flood, fire, drought, especially in India during summer most of the crops are damaged by either fire or drought Oxfam. Furthermore export is also one of the main reasons behind the high prices of food because as we know that big companies export their products at low prices in other country and sell cheap products at high price in their own country for example, Russia, India and China are these types of countries who do this Oxfam.
Factor affecting food production:
There are many factors which affect food production:
1) Climate factor
2) Political factor
3) Environment factor
Climate factor: climate is important factor in field of crop for example,
In Asian country when crops are harvested on that time flood came or sometimes there is no rainfall for whole year it badly affects the production. Furthermore, there are areas where crops are grown seasonally; such kind of areas cannot produce crops KALLYAS Theme.
Political factor: political factor plays a crucial role which affects the production. Sometimes the situation happens when government increase the tax rate on pesticides which farmer always use for farming.
If the price of pesticides will be increase then farmers will demand more for their product KALLYAS Theme.
Environment factor: the last factor which affects the food production is environment factor which caused less soil fertility due excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides that affect the food production. There are some areas where the fertility is very low and there is less chance to grow crops over there which affect food production. KALLYAS Theme

According to Oxfam, more people invest much more on their personal thing for example; farmers do production just for their need, not to sell for other. At last, government should take for emergencies food services in flooded area or in tropical areas.

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