Why my voice matters, an interesting and difficult topic to to write and talk about. My voice matters in a great deal of different matters, varying from voting for the next president when
I come of age, to smaller choices at school. Some people may not believe that their voice matters but everyone’s voice does matter and should speak their part and what they believe in. My voice matters not even just with politics and school policies but also with the people around me.
Why my voice matters has many different meaning normally when i think of my voice i think of politics or freedom of speech, but my voice has many different sides to it. Politics is just one side of my voice but whenever I hold something back that could make a change or just speak my piece that is also another side of my voice. There are so many different aspects of how and why my voice matters, i might not think so most of the time but if I start believing in myself a little bit more who knows what kind of changes I could make.
I have lived my whole life being told that I have the opportunity to stand up for what I believe in, and that I am capable of achieving great things if I put the work into it. No one has blatantly told me what to say. No one has told me that I can’t stand up against wrong, and use my voice for change. But in reality how often do we speak up and use our voice, I don’t believe that what I think will make a change or matters everyone has their opinions but they keep them to themselves because they don’t want to be judged or be an outcast in today’s society. My generation always underestimates our worth, you are never too young to stand up for something you believe in. Even if you’re not old enough to vote, you can still use your voice to speak up about whatever it is you are passionate about.
My voice matters because I am important no matter what others or I think about myself, I am unique in my own way and no one thinks the same as me. My voice has the power to bring people together; inspire them to move into action, and to make a difference wherever they are, all I have to do is speak up.
Therefore that is why I believe my voice matters, from the different subjects my voice can affect to the importance of believing in your voice. There is always something that I can change or affect with my voice even if I don’t think that it’s that big it could make a big change.