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College & Career Research Essay
From an agriculture standpoint, in a profession such as farming for cash crops, starting up a business can be hard especially since farming isn’t solely based on work ethic. Having land and being able to maintain it through winter months, waking up early to fix things, and overall being the owner of a crop is extremely hard on the individual. Before we ask, “Can someone like this accomplish the American dream?” we have to ask ourselves, ” what really is the American Dream?” That question may have a different answer for everyone. People may think it depends on success, some might say wealth, or possessions. For me, the American dream is achieved when you wake up in the morning, you’re doing something you love, and getting out of bed is the best part of your day.

The American dream isn’t as open on the grounds that the necessities to get a profession can really be a battle. As of now in time, sable employers expect you to have an appropriate education and background. In spite of that, training and education can have a costly value that individuals can’t pay off. Not everyone can be rich and successful, it takes a lot of hard work and even then most people fail, this is the thing that makes most people’s American dream unable to accomplish.
The American dream is as yet open today in light of the fact that there are various open doors and approaches to get your career going. What influences Americans to need to live in America is the measure of opportunity you are given. Our opportunity gives us the chance to prevail alone and to remain independent. Franklin D. Roosevelt had said, “freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose.” This statement clarifies that opportunity is the thing that influences individuals to flourish and accomplish the American dream.
Mississippi State University has an agriculture program for undergraduate and graduate students. They aren’t well known, but they have almost every major in that field of study and the acceptance rate is very high. For someone wanting to go into a career choice like farming, this college would be a good option. Typically one would stay in for 4 years and then move on and find a job in that field of study. For someone right out of college it would be logical to go get a job working for someone who owns a cash crop already. After a year or so of working for them, they would move on and could do either one of two things, start their own or buy out someone else.

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For a person who wants to go into this field of study, the days may be very long and you might not always be well rested. Some years are going to be very poor due to conditions that you can’t control like the weather. But, like many things, it may not be hard to get started in this field, but it is very hard to be successful.