Zipcar is one of those startup that helps to solve the problem of people on demand use of the private car conveniently located and easily accessible. It can be understood more clearly by analyzing the gain and pain factors along with gain creator and pain relievers below:
1. Save time travelling from one place to another
2. Economical cost (less than car rental)
3. Save money
4. Drive on demand
5. Vehicle choice
Gain creator
1. As the public transportation in over populated cities is very limited zipcar helps to consume time for travelling from on place to another
2. Cost of car sharing is less than that of car rental. Car rentals provide on demand vehicle on daily basis rate whereas car sharing provides on demand vehicle on hourly basis as well.
3. Zipcar covers gas, insurance, parking and maintenance over car ownership. The member does not have to worry about maintain the car which is very high in the urban areas
4. Zipcar can be booked on hourly or daily basis anytime anywhere 24/7. The members don’t have to wait for a long time for the car to arrive. You can just book and get the car.
5. Zipcar offers its members a choice of vehicle. Members can choose the vehicle type that best suits their needs for a particular trip.
1. Hard to find a car during rush hour
2. Higher risk of accident, technical failure or breakdown
3. Less flexible than owing a car
4. Short term solutions

Pain reliever
1. It can be hard to find a car during the rush hour as Zipcar is located only in certain areas of the city. Sometimes you have to walk farther than you planned which can be difficult during cold and rainy seasons.
2. There is higher risk of a car getting into a accident, technical failure or breakdown than that of a public transportation. Traffic congestion can also be a problem when sharing a car.
3. A car owner has the freedom to go where you want to go and when you want to go. But with car sharing you will have to go and pick up the car and drop it off in the same location otherwise there will be a fine.
4. Car sharing is more of a short term solution rather than a long term one. Car sharing can be a problem when one requires the car to be driven on a long term basis.
Yes, there are definite gaps in the segment of gain and gain creator and pain and pain reliever that has to be taken into account by this business model. As stated above one can save time to reach the desired destination as public transportation is limited in the urban areas. But the traffic congestion in the urban areas is very high. Sometimes the desired destination cannot be reached on time because of the jams and high traffic congestion. The model should minimize the gap and ensure that the desired destination to be reached on time by taking alternative routes and advising the members about the traffic congestion in various parts of the city.
The cost of owning a car is very high is urban areas and the consumer can save money by choosing the option of car sharing rather than owning a car. However, some customers who opt for car sharing may not feel the sense of ownership. They can ride the car carelessly and misuse the service provided by the car sharing company. The model must ensure that there are effective measures taken to fill these gaps by making people aware of these things.
As stated the car sharing companies offers its members of vehicle choice. This can help the customer to plan particular trip and the type of car required for the trip. However, the members may not get the particular vehicle during the rush hour and may have to cancel the trip because of the unavailability of certain vehicle. The model must ensure to minimize the gap by keeping a spare car and make them available when demanded by the members.
The gap between pain and pain reliever can be minimized with the help of this model. As we know that there is a higher risk of accident while driving a car than that of riding a public transportation. This gap can be minimized by educating the customers about the traffic rules and regulations. They can even provide with first aid kits in each and every car. With the availability of this model, the Zipcar can minimize the gaps and help the company to grow and provide customer satisfaction.

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